Sunday, July 12, 6 pm EST (and remaining on YouTube)

I am, as usual, honored to be asked to provide music for this monthly gathering.  This pre-recorded performance will be posted on the YouTube channel of the Circular Church in Charleston.

All original pieces:  "Stairs", "Highway 17", "A Worldly Noise", "Prix", plus two improv blues numbers - "The Circular Shuffle" and "COVID Blues".  

Here is the link:

Or of course just go to our 'Video' page.

Hope you can join us for a message, some Scripture, and some world piano blues.

Thanks to Susan Dunn (liturgist) and Nate Schroder (videographer).

ERWIN MUSIC (the record store) is back on EBAY.  Some of you may remember Erwin Music, my record shop on Wentworth Street in downtown Charleston, 1987-1996.  We were the only store of our type in the Southeast - huge blues, reggae, world music collection...first on LP, later cassette, later CD.

I still have much of that library / inventory and now, in the interest of downsizing, am selling merchandise on EBAY.  So far I have listed a lot of CDs:  Latin and Celtic and world music, along with some jazz and blues.   Reggae and Caribbean is next.  I will get to the vinyl eventually.

Check out our items for sale here at vendor :  emusical53



June 24, 2020

Fortieth anniversary for Ancestor Worship tracks  

ANCESTOR WORSHIP tracks turn forty!

1980-2020 - how could forty years fly by so fast?  Six of the tracks on "Ancestor Worship: The Boston Sessions 1980-83" (Erwin Music CD release, 2000) were recorded in February, 1980 at Baker Street Studios in Watertown, MA.  Also on this CD compilation of oldies:  other Ancestor Worship tracks from 1982 and an assortment of solo recordings from the same period.  

This was before what we now call the DIY norm, that is, do-it-yourself.  It was either "get signed" or figure…

Read more

It was fun tracking piano for Juke Joint Johnny's new CD 

Thanks to Elliott New (Elliott & the Untouchables) who came down to CHS yesterday to record my piano on three tracks for Juke's upcoming CD.  I wrote two new numbers "Pumpkin Hook" and "Coffee in Your Cup" which we also tracked and might appear on the album as duo numbers (harp & piano).  Steve Wilkerson, ever the gracious host, let us use his living room and a rewarding time was had by all.  Watch these pages for info about the CD release.

Gigs in Colombia 

Adding some dates in March: Thurs 5 Bogota, Fri-Sat 6-7 Cali. More to be announced. My first gigs back in this beautiful country since 1989. Please see ‘Calendar’ for details.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

Dear friends, aside from a few private gigs over the holidays, 2019 is a wrap. Thanks for your support. I look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Here's to serene and enlightening holidays for everyone and justice & peace as we transition into 2020. Yours truly, Shrimp City Slim

"Good Mornin', Blues" (radio show) to celebrate Fourth Anniversary in January, 2020 

Scheduling ahead, we see that "Good Mornin', Blues" turns four on January 24, 2020. Therefore, the show of that adjoining Sunday (January 26, 2020) will be a special occasion :) . Thanks for listening! Tune in (eastern South Carolina): WCOO 105.5 FM (The Bridge) Streaming worldwide at Every Sunday morning at 8 am Eastern time. Thanks!

RIP Beverly Guitar Watkins 

Very sad and sorry to report that our friend and colleague Beverly Guitar Watkins passed away last night after a long and difficult illness. She was 80 years old. Her resume included teenage years playing guitar with Piano Red (Dr.Feelgood & the Interns), numerous recordings, and worldwide touring. I had the pleasure of playing with her in Switzerland, Italy, and France. She was a lovely person and a very talented artist. The world will be a lesser place with her gone. RIP Beverly.

Say goodbye to "Carolina Queen" 

After a few (how many? six? seven?) glorious years of the Blues & BBQ Harbor Cruise on the "Carolina Queen", she is being relocated to Kingston, NY to serve on the Hudson River tours. Now christened "Rip Van Winkle II", she is, this week, enroute to her new abode Welcome "Charleston Princess", also to be docked THIS WEEK at the Safe Harbor / City Marina on Lockwood Drive in downtown Charleston. This is the new boat - our new home of "Blues & BBQ". Hope to see you soon. This - our 11th year - ends…Read more

New video: Forte Jazz Lounge, CHS, 8/24/19 set #1 from the early show (7 pm) Note the loose bird that got in through the back door. SCS, piano; Steve Stun Gun Sandifer, bass; Jay Boom Boom Niver, drums; Steel City Steve Hardy, guitar. We will be back Sept 13, Oct 26, Nov 23, and Dec 6. Tickets and info:

Flash CD (and cassette) sale - MAIL ORDER ONLY 

Midsummer and the living is easy...let's do a music sale ALL SHRIMP CITY SLIM (and associated artists) CDs ON SALE: $7 ea which INCLUDES (domestic) postage (Overseas, please add $3 per unit) Check payable to Gary Erwin OR concealed cash. AND we gladly accept US dollars, euros, and Mexican pesos (check to convert) SHRIMP CITY SLIM Band albums: Gone With the Wind* Blues on the Beach Blue Palmetto* I Work Nights* Ancestor Worship: The Boston Sessions 1980-83* Highway 17: Lowcountry Blues Live Star…Read more

New article in The Southern Edge 

Thanks very much to Roy Scott for the article on Shrimp City Slim in the new e-edition of The Southern Edge: Article begins on page 34. It's always nice to be recognized!