Thanks to everyone who has supported my blues radio efforts in this market since 1984.  Thirty-seven has been a wild ride!  Here is a rough chronology:

1984-2001: "Blues in the Night" (later joined by three more shows, in order of appearance:  "South to Louisiana", "Erwin Music", "La Noche Latina") on WSCI 89.3 FM (South Carolina Educational Radio)

1996-1999:  "Blue Monday" on The Breeze Radio Network (stations in Charleston, SC; Columbia, SC; Hilton Head, SC, and Wilmington, NC)

1990s, approx one year:  "Nothin' But the Blues" on WVVO 91 AM (Charleston, SC)

?  to October 2, 2022:  three different shows on The Bridge, WCOO 105.5 FM, Charleston, SC.  "Good Mornin', Blues" being the third and last program - duration nearly eight years.

What next?  "Stay tuned".


New! feature article in Back to the Roots (Belgium, March, 2021, #116) print magazine &


ERWIN MUSIC (the record store) is back on EBAY.  Some of you may remember Erwin Music, my record shop on Wentworth Street in downtown Charleston, 1987-1996.  We were the only store of our type in the Southeast - huge blues, reggae, world music collection...first on LP, later cassette, later CD.

I still have much of that library / inventory and now, in the interest of downsizing, am selling merchandise on EBAY.  So far I have listed a lot of CDs AND LPs (vinyl):  Latin, world music, reggae/Caribbean, blues, jazz, Celtic, folk, and various other goodies.  Over a thousand items in the store as of 2022.   Great condition, amazing variety, and fair prices.  We also take offers on all items.

Check out our items for sale here: