New! feature article in Back to the Roots (Belgium, March, 2021, #116) print magazine &

ERWIN MUSIC (the record store) is back on EBAY.  Some of you may remember Erwin Music, my record shop on Wentworth Street in downtown Charleston, 1987-1996.  We were the only store of our type in the Southeast - huge blues, reggae, world music collection...first on LP, later cassette, later CD.

I still have much of that library / inventory and now, in the interest of downsizing, am selling merchandise on EBAY.  So far I have listed a lot of CDs AND LPs (vinyl):  Latin, world music, reggae/Caribbean, blues, jazz, Celtic, folk, and various other goodies.  Over a thousand items in the store as of 2022.   Great condition, amazing variety, and fair prices.  We also take offers on all items.

Check out our items for sale here at vendor :  emusical53