Fortieth anniversary for Ancestor Worship tracks 

ANCESTOR WORSHIP tracks turn forty!

1980-2020 - how could forty years fly by so fast?  Six of the tracks on "Ancestor Worship: The Boston Sessions 1980-83" (Erwin Music CD release, 2000) were recorded in February, 1980 at Baker Street Studios in Watertown, MA.  Also on this CD compilation of oldies:  other Ancestor Worship tracks from 1982 and an assortment of solo recordings from the same period.  

This was before what we now call the DIY norm, that is, do-it-yourself.  It was either "get signed" or figure out a way to do it on your own.  I worked like a dog in my warehouse job to save enough money to cut these songs.  Thanks in retrospect to my great band for their support.  We played all around Boston and throughout New England.  A fun time during an exciting period of original music.  Also on the scene at that time were Aimee Mann & The Young Snakes, Orchestra Luna, The Stompers, The Cars, the Del Fuegos, and others.  

Here is one of those songs from 1980...Aztecs, cobblestone streets, random love, and more.  Nos encontramos en el "Zocalo".

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