SHRIMP CITY SLIM (aka Gary Erwin) is a musician / songwriter / promoter / producer who specializes in "world piano blues and original songs".  Born (1953) & raised in Chicago, schooled in Mexico, and now based in Charleston, SC, Erwin has used "Shrimp City Slim" (trademarked) as his stage name for almost thirty years.

SCS has released fourteen (14) albums (CDs) of all-original music to date and performs 150+ times annually throughout the USA and overseas.   The latest CD is "Tidal Pool" (solo).

Due to Covid-19, live gigging has ground to a halt.  The last public Shrimp City Slim show was March 6 in Cali, Colombia (see Video for a glimpse).  

Erwin/SCS has presented live blues in South Carolina since 1985.   His current endeavors include the Greenwood (SC) Blues Cruise (July,  since 2000), Carolina Downhome Blues Festival (Camden, SC, October, since 1997), Blues Stage @ SC Pecan Festival (Florence, SC, November, since 2005), and Blues By the Sea (Kiawah Island, SC, April, since 2004), among others.

He has produced blues radio in coastal SC since 1984.  His latest offering "Good Mornin', Blues", just marks its fifth year on-air in late January, 2021 and can be heard every Sunday 8 am EST on The Bridge at 1055, WCOO 105.5 FM, Charleston, SC, streaming worldwide at www.1055thebridge.com

Erwin Music, his "record label" (since 1988) (named after his "record store" of the same name, 1987-1996),  has released titles by a variety of Southeastern blues and roots artists on tape and CD.  Erwin is a BMI composer & publisher (Blue Chasqui Music).

SCS has been profiled in various music books & publications and has written for many others. 

Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley decreed March 27 to be "Gary Erwin / Shrimp City Slim Day" in the Holy City.  In addition, he was inducted into the Lowcountry Music Hall of Fame in 2017.

Originality, energy, total love for the music and nonstop advocacy...says it all.  Thanks for checking in.