1970:  studio recordings, "Upon Ages" (suite)  & misc songs (w/James Bruckner, etc.); never released

1972:  basement recordings with Boris (original band, Boston, MA) - never released)

1974:  live recordings with Toby Gutwill (vocals) ; never released

1975-76:  live recordings as Jimmy & Cherry (w/Alicia Zipp-Smith, vocals; never released)

1980:  live recordings with various Ancestor Worship configurations

1980:  studio recordings with Ancestor Worship (Baker Street Studios, Watertown, MA; finally released on the 1982 CD below) (Lott, Hlady, Berman, Perich, Nally)

1982:  As Ancestor Worship: Down Under the Earth b/w A Traveller's Prayer (cassette single, Choski Int'l) (Lott, Hlady, Nally, Calobrisi)


1989:  As Blue Light Special: Live in Colombia (cassette; covers)


1992:  Gone With the Wind  (14 tracks)

1992:  original song project for "Any Natural Disaster" (Piccolo Spoleto); never released (w/Hawke Morffi, Steve Hardy, Ted Donlon, Jim Chleborad)

1994:  Blues on the Beach (15 tracks)

1995:  Phosphate Woman b/w Sticky Fingers (cassette single)

1996:  Blue Palmetto (20 tracks)

1998:  I Work Nights (20 tracks)

2000:  Ancestor Worship: The Boston Sessions 1980-83 (17 tracks) (Baker Street 1980 plus more)

2003:  Highway 17: Lowcountry Blues Live (12 tracks)

2006:  Dark Road Piano (solo) (15 tracks)

2012:  Rio Angie (solo) (11 tracks)

2013:  Star Marina (14 tracks)

2014:  Qenz (solo) (6 tracks)

2015:  Transatlantic Blues Project (live in Poland, with Green Grass) (12 tracks - 6 originals/6 covers)

2016:   Tidal Pool (solo) (16 tracks)

2024:   new album in preparation

All original songs copyright Gary Erwin, published by Blue Chasqui Music (BMI).

Also on the Erwin Music label, Shrimp City Slim performed on, wrote songs for, and produced releases by Wanda Johnson (2003, 2006, 2008) Paul Dudley Kershaw & the Bayou Ramblers (1998), Big Daddy Pattman (1997), Chicago Bob Nelson (1992), Big Boy Henry (1993), Randy Crowe (1989), Shelly Waters (2013), and Tony & Company (1992, 1994).  

Digital downloads available on most of the above.  Please visit your usual Web outlets.  Physical copies still available on some of the above.  Please inquire: 


Gary Erwin compositions have been used for various TV and film projects.  « Finally Home » (voiced by Wanda Johnson) was featured in the hit television series « Army Wives » (season #3, episode #2 entitled « About Face »).  « Into Yesterday » (piano instrumental) was used as theme music for a documentary on the subject of ageing by German filmmaker Alwin Nagel.  Erwin also produced original music for an international ad campaign for Curves For Women and for an award-winning short film dedicated to veterans of the (US) Iraq and Afghan wars.

Shrimp City Slim has guested on albums by Shelly Magee, Rev. Marv Ward, Dr. Pickup, Professor Bottleneck, Slidin' Scott Perry, Papa Wheel, John Winkler, and various others.

Erwin also produced a 1986 Charleston concert by Mississippi bluesman RL Burnside, some of which  saw the light of day on MC Records.