Since the 1970s, it's been a blessing to have played in many wonderful places, far & near, working with some famous and many not-so-famous (but great) musicians.  Every gig is an odyssey.


NEW: The large video (at the top) is a 'virtual' concert called 'Blues Vespers" (monthly music & worship event) recorded July 6, 2020 at Circular Church (Charleston) but put on-line July 12.   Six original numbers - some blues improv and some time-honored original themes.  Here are the songs and where to find them in the video:  1:26 The Circular Shuffle; 5:02 Stairs; 8:58 Prix; 16:38 A Worldly Noise; 22:16 The COVID Blues; 26:48 Highway 17 Blues. 

(NB:  The Circular Shuffle and The COVID Blues are two blues improvs.  Stairs is from "Rio Angie"; Prix is from "Tidal Pool"; A Worldly Noise from "Ancestor Worship: The Boston Sessions 1980-83" and Highway 17 Blues of course from CD of same name)


The second row of three videos:  1) Paris, 2008 with Dr. Pickup at Cafe-Concert Utopia, 2) FestiBlues in La Paz, Bolivia, 2017 with some great folkloric musicians, and 3) Poland, 2015 - the last concert of a nationwide tour with the band Green Grass aka Transatlantic Blues Project. 

The third row of two videos are 1) "Big Meal at Midnight" (solo), cut for "Balcony TV", a global series of performances on rooftops, balconies, etc.  The setting is Morgan Creek Grill (now out of business) on the Isle of Palms (SC) on a rainy afternoon.  And the second is the really nice gig I did March 6, 2020 with Pancho Ocampo (guitar/vocal) at the Centro Colombo-Americano in Cali, Colombia.  My last gig on that trip and my last truly public gig before COVID-19 took control.

Bottom:  March 5, 2020 at Smoking Molly, Bogota, Colombia with Leo Parra Castillo (guitar) and German Pinilla (harp).  A classic from Little Walter, done up Panamerican-style.

If you want the full-screen treatment for any of these videos, click on the little square in the corner of the frame.

And we are all wondering... Where do we go next?...  The answer MUST be:  "Nowhere is too far to go."  

----Thank you for your support! 

SHRIMP CITY SLIM, Charleston, SC, July 2020