Since the 1970s, it's been a blessing to have played in many wonderful places, far & near, working with some famous and many not-so-famous (but great) musicians.  Every gig is an odyssey.

The first (large green) video (at the top) was also my last gig before Covid-19:  March 6, 2020 at the Centro Colombo-Americano in Cali, Colombia.  That's Pancho Ocampo on guitar.  

The second row:  Paris, 2008 with Dr. Pickup at Cafe-Concert Utopia; also FestiBlues in La Paz, Bolivia, 2017 with some great folkloric musicians; Poland, 2015 a nationwide tour with the band Green Grass aka Transatlantic Blues Project.  On each, click on the little square icon in the corner to get the full-screen treatment.

The big one at the bottom was a solo number cut for "Balcony TV", a global series of performances on rooftops, balconies, etc.  The setting is Morgan Creek Grill (now out of business) on the Isle of Palms (SC) on a rainy afternoon.  Get your "big meal".

And next?...  "Nowhere is too far to go."  

----Thank you for your support! 

SHRIMP CITY SLIM, Charleston, SC, June 2020