Blues By the Sea (every April at Kiawah Island, SC) - one of our favorite presentations!

SW French countryside w/Dr. Pickup

Jazz Vespers 8/8/21 (Circular Church CHS)

JAZZ VESPERS, Circular Church CHS, Sunday, August 8, 2021, an all-original instrumental program (no vocals due to Covid-19)...musical content (at noted time):

2:30 Terns / 7:10 Into Yesterday / 10:30 Prix / 18:05 A Worldly Noise, Stairs / 27:22 Meeting Street Shuffle / 33:23  Stone-Ground Grits, Camino a Copacabana




in my grandfather's of Poland

Cali, Colombia / La Paz, Bolivia

Paris backstreet bars & beyond

"Ya never know where the blues is gonna take ya": South Carolina Lowcountry / Holland / Taiwan

washboard in Switzerland with some blues legends: Big Boy Henry (1993), Guitar Gabriel (1994)

and Holland with John Lee Ziegler (1995)

Germany / Charleston / Bogotá