Each month (more or less), we will install a lyric sheet here for a Shrimp City Slim original song that might be timely.  


In December 1975, I commenced almost six months of free-style, el cheapo travelling from Miami to Bogotá and, from there, all the way south to La Paz, Bolivia.  It was my ambition to see as much of pre-Columbian South America as I could before my money ran out.  We're talking 20+ hour chicken bus rides through the highest Andes, squalid lodging, traditional poor people food, strange local beverages, and a few semi-dangerous encounters with locals.  A hard, glorious grind through four countries.  One of the most memorable times of my life.  This little ditty (written many years later) suggests one stop along the way.

(From the CD "Star Marina")


ONLY A MATTER OF TIME  (words & music: Gary Erwin, copyright 2011, published by Blue Chasqui Music (BMI).

I wish you could have seen me / I was so lonely in Ollantaitambo

Eating cuy by candlelight / on the banks of the mighty Rio Urubamba

"How many children do you have?", "Where is your wife?", la india asked as she slid beneath me

Well, she's down the mountain somewhere / dropping acid with the cholos in Chacabuco

Only a matter of time before we feel the rain


I ran out of money in Trujillo / and drank Inka Kola for three days before the bus pulled out

Passing Chan Chan in the morning mist / I swore I heard the gulls cry out my name

Could it be try that one day soon / I would have to face her again in Miami?

Only a matter of time before we feel the rain