Each month (more or less), we will install a lyric sheet here for a Shrimp City Slim original song that might be timely.  (Photo: Saint Lazare train station, Paris).  Merci!  (November, 2020)


Southerners love to sing about their food.  Here is a love song with food references.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (11/23/20)

FIND IT on YouTube under "Natural Resource" (CD) by Wanda Johnson.  The CD of the same name (released in 2006) is available from us (contact emusic@mindspring.com) or at your usual Web locations.


MAMA'S RECIPE  (music & words: Gary Erwin, copyright 2005, published by Blue Chasqui Music (BMI).

CHORUS:  Take a pinch of "I love you" / And a lot of "Here I am" / Equal parts of you and me / Season well and blend / A taste so sweet / It's mama's recipe

Love is like wilderness they say / No map or compass there to find the way / Stars might guide if you clearly see / But I rely on mama's recipe

Real love makes the world go 'round / It'll clear your head, put your feet back on the ground / Take away your fear and bring you peace / You'll find the key in mama's recipe


O, this hungry heart is satisfied / And the roaring wind inside of me has died / This captive soul has finally been freed / Since you gave me mama's recipe