Each month (more or less), we will install a lyric sheet here for a Shrimp City Slim original song that might be timely.  


Another track from "Dark Road Piano" (solo CD, 2006), waxing nostalgic about many tours in France with Dr. Pickup & friends.   I still play this one in my solo shows.  Looking forward to the next trip.

October 22, 2021


DEPART / ARRIVE  (words & music: Gary Erwin, copyright 2005, published by Blue Chasqui Music (BMI).

Pascal took me Sunday morning to Montparnasse / 5 am, not a car in the Etoile

I had to meet Solange in Brittany by dinner / So excited I spilled my coffee in Pascal's car

Depart / Arrive

The gig last night at the Mustang Pub was a wash-out / So was the one the night before at Le Taverne Bleu

Thank the good Lord for Delta and their SkyMiles / Else I couldn't be here with you

Depart / Arrive

J'adore the Rodin Museum and the Monde Arabe / The walk down from La Defense really cleared my head

The crowds at Napoleon's tomb were really crazy / No one I spoke to knew how he got so dead

Depart / Arrive

Thursday we're back down in the Centre Tcheque / Bruce is ready to kill those strings again

I'm dropping my CDs to 15 euros / So much fun, I hate to see this end

Depart / Arrive