Each month (more or less), we will install a lyric sheet here for a Shrimp City Slim original song that might be timely.  (Photo: Saint Lazare train station, Paris - point of departure for many fun gigs north of the City of Light)


I first went to Mexico in September, 1971 when I was seventeen years old.  The premise was going to college.  That didn't work out.  What DID work out was a permanent love affair with that beautiful, fascinating country and its people.  This is a little swamp pop number I wrote about missing someone while being gone for life-affirming (necessary) travel. 

From the CD "Dark Road Piano" (2006).   Get a copy direct from us - please inquire at emusic@mindspring.com


JUST SPACE BETWEEN US  (music & words: Gary Erwin, copyright 2005, published by Blue Chasqui Music (BMI).

CHORUS:   Just space / just space / just space between us

Send you a postcard from Mexico / from Tenochtitlan / Had to give my traveling jones a little air / but I won't be long 

Had to go where the mountains are high / And the rivers run deep / Had to turn myself inside out / and shake the dust off me

When I come home / I'll bring all my pay / Maybe that'd make it all worthwhile / Give my soul at this point in time / just to your smile


Come a time when we're older / and we've run out of steam / Our big trip of any given day / will be the post office or Walgreen

But, for now, I'm three thousand miles down south / Next is your turn, you'll see / Might be nice to visit your family back in Porte d'Ivry