Each month (more or less), we will install a lyric sheet here for a Shrimp City Slim original song that might be timely.  


I grew up on « folk music », along with many other styles, having come of age in the musically-rich 1960s.  I got a few months of « folk guitar » lessons while in high school and got to mix a little Lightnin’ Hopkins and Brownie McGhee in with the Woody Guthrie, Dylan, Tom Rush, Joni, Leonard Cohen already built into those studies.  Acoustic guitar is a nice flavor and it’s fun using it every now and then.

Producing the three albums (2003, 2006, 2008) on Wanda Johnson was a ball. Complete artistic freedom.  Songwriting all over the map.  Worldwide touring with an all-original songbook.  We had some good moments.  

 IMHO … BEHIND A CLOUD is one of those « good moments ».  A love song or is it a praise song?  You decide.  God is Love.


(You can hear this song on YouTube), from the CD « Natural Resource » (Erwin Music, 2006). We still have this item in stock.

—December 9, 2022, Sarlat-la-Canéda


BEHIND A CLOUD  (words & music: Gary Erwin, copyright 2006, published by Blue Chasqui Music (BMI).

I’m gonna go behind a cloud / where no one’ll see me cry aloud 

tears that flow so easily / these tears of joy that you’re with me

Ambushed by a miracle / something in me just lets go

A wave, a rush, a sudden sense / of weightlessness, of innocence

As if you spun my darkened life / around and toward a warming light

As if the longest winter ends / and the sun comes out again

I’m gonna go behind a cloud / where no one’ll see me cry aloud 

And I can spend time on my knees / thanking God you came to me